Medical video production

Medical video production is a corporate video on medical topics.

How much time would nurses or staff waste by telling patients the same things over and over again? And what do patients still remember of it once they’re home?

Or how many potential patients drive by your hospital to another Medical Centre because they don’t really know that you have the same facilities in your hospital.

A corporate video can bridge that gap. It reduces time waste by more than half, provides clear instructions patients can watch again in the comfort and calm of their own home and promotes your knowledge, image and services…

Older lady on phone wondering about medicine
Focussed lady watching medical video on tablet

Tell me and I forget
Teach me and I remember
Involve me and I learn

Benjamin Franklin


Preparation is half the work


My father always told me: “A good preparation is half the work…” And he was right.

Preparing the message of a video, takes some work. Who is the video for? How can we get the viewers attention to look at it?  What about the message: highly professional for insiders, but ‘low level’ for non-professionals?  How will the video be distributed?

Once all these questions are answered, we write a draft scenario.

Ready for interview with autocue


Clapboard for film with crew behind

And… action!


Once the preparation is done, we get our cameras out. We fix a date to shoot, interview, animate… Our videos are  simple, but super efficient.

Get your message accross, that is what we want. We go for content marketing instead of branding.

The ROI (Return on Investment) with content marketing is leads, sales, an action. With branding it’s emotion, a feeling… your image.


Editing medical video productions


The editing table is then the place to be.

Edits can be enriched with slides, photos, animations… Also a professional voice-over can be added. The video can be subtitled, especially handy when you want to distribute it on social media.

At the end, you have a mp4-file which is compatible with your laptop, iPad…

Also discover

Live surgery

Learn from top professionals. See how
they work and watch these top doctors
demonstrating different tools, techniques
and procedures. Empower surgeons and
other medical professionals to learn and
grow with real cases from an OR or wetlab.


We can stream our multicams live over
the internet
using You Tube or Vimeo…
But also using WebEx, Zoom or MS Teams…
It’s a two-way stream right from the OR to
your laptop, iPhone or iPad wherever
you are. Ask our affordable solutions.

Live on tape

We record the surgeries live in the OR
and edit the raw footage to a snackable
videobite. Highlight the latest techniques,
tools or procedures just in a couple of minutes.
An easy-to-use-video as keynote speaker
in your next presentation or online assistance.

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