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Our goal :

Medi-Cine is your reliable AV-partner
for live surgery and medical video production
at affordable prices

Medi-Cine is an AV-company
with 30 years of experience.
We have a no-nonsense approach.
And we serve clients in Europe and the UK.

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Camera with surgeon in action behind in OR

What we do?

Medi-Cine is specialized in in-house live surgeries, live recording and live streaming.
We also make medical corporate video productions or promotional videos for your social media or website.

Live surgery

Learn from top professionals. See how
they work. And watch these top doctors
demonstrating different tools, techniques
and procedures. Empower surgeons and
other medical professionals to learn and
grow with real cases from an OR or wetlab.


We can stream our multicams live to
the internet
using You Tube or Vimeo…
But also using WebEx, Zoom or MS Teams…
It’s a two-way livestream right from the OR to
your laptop, smartphone or iPad… Wherever
you are. Ask for our budget friendly solutions.

Live on tape

We record the surgeries in the OR.
And edit the raw footage into a snackable
videobite. Highlighting the latest techniques,
tools or procedures in just a couple of minutes.
An easy-to-use-video as keynote speaker
in your next presentation or online assistance.

Medical video

Give your public and employees the right
tools. Learn patients how to use a medicine,
help medical staff to refresh a topic or
communicate with your target audience on
social media.  Sharing knowledge and taking
care reflects positively on your image.



1.000 km around Ghent, Belgium

We are Europeans, fluent in Dutch, French and English. And we understand and speak a bit of German.

Why is this an advantage? To know what the operating surgeon says! To help keynote speakers in the lecture room in their language…

Our preferred working area is more or less a 1.000 km around Ghent. Or one day’s drive from our homebase in Belgium. So, we can go as far as the Benelux, France, the UK, Germany or Austria… And even Spain and Switzerland is in our reach.

Map of Europe
years in video
Languages spoken
View in operating theater and a view in lecture room

Why is Medi-Cine different ?

“Reliable, we are Sir.”

Medi-Cine is a small company. So we don’t
have to charge you for all our overhead costs.
That’s how our experienced team and
dedicated freelancers brings top quality at
competitive prices.

Moreover, we strive for a job well done.

It gives us an enormous pleasure to see that all
went well. A small thank you for instance of
participants for the way they could follow
the surgery. The happy smile of the organizers
because their event was a success.

And that’s something we can only achieve
by bringing the highest professional quality.
And be spot on in people, equipment, service
and knowhow.

Our latest work

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham outside view entrance

The QE Hospital in Birmingham
is the largest single site hospital in the UK.
We connected OR 5 and 6 with lecture room 3…
One mile or 1,8 km of fiber optic cable went over
the roof of the hospital to connect all locations.

Over the two day Advanced Shoulder Live
Surgery Course, we did seven
shoulder interventions and gave technical support
to 21 PowerPoint-presentations.

Our skills


In a multicam  we use several cameras in the operating theatre to record or broadcast a surgery. Medi-Cine is in its fifth year of medical multicams. But our experience with multicam goes back to 1989.


Livestream is hot today. The reason is the Covid-19 pandemic. Webinars, Zoom calls… We can stream from anywhere to anywhere. And even when there is no internet available, we can stream reliably over 4G. Reach your audience around the world. Let them ask their questions live from their computer and empower your surgeons…

Video production

An instructional video is a corporate video that demonstrates a process. It transfers knowledge or explains a concept. How to do something? Link that to your social media and reach your audience or community.



Medical video production
A very professional retransmission of sound and image. A very friendly team. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to work with Marc and Medi-Cine again.

Dr. Renaud Baillon

Orthopedic surgeon – Iris Hospitals South – Brussels

Medi-Cine recorded a reverse shoulder operation in my OR. It was spot on. It was edited into a 15 minute-video afterwards. I use it now as keynote speaker at seminars. I show the video and comment it live. It’s a success! I would strongly recommend Medi-Cine to anyone.

Dr. Dirk Petré

Head surgeon Orthopedics – St-Jozefkliniek Izegem

Marc and his Medi-Cine team provide unrivalled service and professionalism. Their detailed planning before an event consistently delivers a relaxed and smooth event on the day. Combined with a sense of fun and teamwork, it is always a pleasure to work with them.

Andrew Mackie

Group Product Manager - Arthrex Ltd UK

For several years now, Arthrex Belgium and the Netherlands have been working intensively with Medi-Cine. They always deliver the expected quality for our events. A very high image quality in combination with an enormous experience to image surgery. Medi-Cine is a real added value for medical education. We are delighted with the cooperation and partnership built up over the years.

Luc Peeters

General manager Arthrex Belgium/The Netherlands

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