A video livestream is possible in all cases of live surgery, live on tape…

Does your sales have to be in the OR, always, for every operation?
Or could your expert give advice from his desk attending a live stream over Zoom or MS Teams?

Or would you like to reach viewers with a webinar at the other side of the world over a dedicated (protected) live stream…

Reach your audience on You Tube, Vimeo, Facebook, your website… Chat with them during the procedure…

The only thing we need is a solid connection to the  internet through a local network or our own 4G reliable Live connection.

Live streaming - hand pressing transparent blue button
Operating room seen through the cameralens

Lost time is never found again.

Benjamin Franklin


A key element of success is a good internet connection.

There are a lot of sites that measure the speeds you can handle with your connection. Especially the upload-speed is important as we are going to upload video on the net. (test at ‘’).

For a high-quality upload, we should have around 10 Mbps. Of course, this will be tested during the reconnaissance.

5G livestream speed of the internet connection


Doctor looking at livestream on mobile phone

A livestream production can be very small, with just one camera and a PowerPoint, up to a complete live surgery with several video sources, keynote speakers etc.

Most streaming platforms also have chatboxes and breakout rooms, where viewers can post questions or socialize.

But be aware that streaming always has a delay of several seconds.

If you want less delay, a satellite transmission is also possible, but of course in a whole other price range.


All live streams can be recorded and be put available
again on You Tube, Vimeo or your website.

Sales in medical in front of computer

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Live surgery

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they work and watch these top doctors
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Live on tape

We record the surgeries live in the OR
and re-edit the raw footage to a snackable
videobite. Highlight the latest techniques,
tools or procedures just in a couple of minutes.
An easy-to-use-video as keynote speaker
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Give your public and employees the right
tools. Learn patients how to use a medicine,
help medical staff to refresh a topic or
communicate with your target audience on
social media.  Sharing knowledge and taking
care reflects positively on your image.

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