Live on tape

‘Live on tape’ is an expression in the broadcast
world, meaning we record a show as if it was live.
Afterwards we can edit the video in the desired length.

So, the surgery is captured with several cameras
as if it was a live surgery. In the studio we edit the raw footage
afterwards to a snackable videobite. We highlight
the procedure, techniques or tools in just a couple
of minutes.

An easy-to-use-video as keynote speaker
for a presentation or for an e-learning platform.

Compilation of photos on surgeries
Surgeons in wet lab


Marc Zuckerberg


The preparation for a live on tape is identical
to a live surgery.

The technical reconnaissance and
objectives determine the number of cameras
and positions for the multicam.

We also integrate the medical equipment the
surgeon uses during the live surgery, giving us
for instance, an inside view in the body of the
patient or a look at the heart monitor.

Operating theatre with camera on JIB-crane


Pediatric heart surgery, close-up

How we do it


The night before the intervention, we install our equipment in the operating theatre and test it. Once done, we get everything out of the way, so that other planned operations the next day will not be bothered by our equipment.

Once our intervention is planned, we put our cameras on there right position and startup our AV-installation. Everything is recorded. And can even be streamed over You Tube, Vimeo… or Zoom, MS Teams…

By the way, we fully respect patient privacy and medical ethics. Our cameramen also know how to behave in a sterile environment.


The after service


The editing table is then the place to be. We can make a compilation of the highlights of the procedure, or show in detail how a technique is done.

Edits can be enriched with slides, photos, animations… A professional voice-over can be added. The video can be subtitled, especially handy when you want to distribute it on social media.

At the end, you have a mp4-file which is compatible with your laptop, iPad… Your newest presentation for you to live comment at your next presentation.

Ready for filming in OR

Also discover

Live surgery

Learn from top professionals. See how
they work and watch these top doctors
demonstrating different tools, techniques
and procedures. Empower surgeons and
other medical professionals to learn and
grow with real cases from an OR or wetlab.


We can stream our multicams live over
the internet
using You Tube or Vimeo…
But also using WebEx, Zoom or MS Teams…
It’s a two-way stream right from the OR to
your laptop, iPhone or iPad wherever
you are. Ask our low budget solutions.

Medical video

Give your public and employees the right
tools. Learn patients how to use a medicine,
help medical staff to refresh a topic or
communicate with your target audience on
social media.  Sharing knowledge and taking
care reflects positively on your image.

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