Live surgery

Live surgery or learn from top

Because you can see how they work
and watch these top doctors demonstrating
different tools, techniques and procedures.

Ask the questions you have while the
surgeon is busy and hear his answers ‘live’.

Empower surgeons and other medical
professionals to learn and grow
with real cases from an OR or wetlab.

Marc doing a multicam in Germany

 A live surgery starts weeks in advance with a good preparation.
If possible, we visit the locations, talk to the stakeholders
and define the objectives.
But we also give our technical expertise on the matter.
What is possible and how can we do it, for instance?


Intake on location


The technical meeting on location and objectives determine
the number of cameras and camera positions for the multicam.

We also integrate the medical equipment the surgeon
uses during the live surgery, giving us for instance an
inside view in the body of the patient or a look
at the heart monitor.

Small set-up presentation
Banner view on lecture room with large smart TV's

Technical AV-support


In the lecture room, we look at the possible setup:
beamer and screen, the number of TV-screens,
the number of microphones for the speakers…

Is there also a performant local system we can use?
That’s interesting for the budget afterwards…

We check on power supply, internet connections…
Why? Because the devil is in the detail…

A goal without a plan is a wish


Finally, we plan the installation date.

Usually this is the day before the medical conference
for both the lecture room(s) and the wetlab(s).
And the evening before for the operating theaters
in a hospital.

Everything is also extensively tested,
so we can start the next day without any worries.

BOFAS-meeting UK lecture room


Preparation is everything


The day before the conference, we install and test
our equipment so we can start the next morning
with confidence.

The morning of the event can be a bit stressful.
Speakers uploading their presentations for the day,
having a quick coffee, retesting the connections with the OR…

But once the background music floats through
the lecture room and the first PowerPoint is launched,
we are calm again and 100% ready to go.

Director is cutting the program
Cameras in operating room

Reliable AV-support


Medi-Cine provides full technical support for audio
and video in the lecture room.

Speakers present with wireless headphones or
handheld microphones. The PowerPoints are displayed
on all screens or just a selection of them.

We can easily integrate the company logo or
a waiting screen. We have 20 different inputs,
3 outputs and 6 auxiliary outputs on our video
mixing table and work in HD or UHD/4K.

Ask your questions


During a live surgery, there is a two-way communication
between the operating surgeon and the lecture room.

This offers an excellent training opportunity for
all participants. A moderator ensures interaction
between the public watching the surgery
and the lead surgeon in the OR.

In the operating theater,  the surgeon
also has a loudspeaker and monitor, so he can follow
what is shown on the big screen in the lecture room
and hear what is said.

Conference room with view in OR on large TV screens
Conference on going with regie screen

After service


The live surgeries are recorded.

On demand, we can edit them to a snackable
videobite of a couple of minutes, just showing
the highlights of the procedure.

Or we just transfer the raw recording to the organizer.

By the way, we fully respect patient privacy
and medical ethics. Our cameramen also know
how to behave in a sterile environment.

Also discover

Live on tape

We record the surgeries live in the OR
and re-edit the raw footage to a snackable
videobite. Highlight the latest techniques,
tools or procedures just in a couple of minutes.
An easy-to-use-video as keynote speaker
in your next presentation or online assistance.


We can stream our multicams live over
the internet
using You Tube or Vimeo…
But also using WebEx, Zoom or MS Teams
It’s a two-way stream right from the OR to
your laptop, iPhone or iPad wherever
you are. Ask our low budget solutions.

Medical video

Give your public and employees the right
tools. Learn patients how to use a medicine,
help medical staff to refresh a topic or
communicate with your target audience on
social media.  Sharing knowledge and taking
care reflects positively on your image.

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