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Live surgery

Learn from top professionals. See how
they work and watch these top doctors
demonstrating different tools, techniques
and procedures. Empower surgeons and
other medical professionals to learn and
grow with real cases from an OR or wetlab.


We can stream our multicams live over
the internet
using You Tube or Vimeo…
But also using Skype, Zoom or MS Teams…
It’s a two-way stream right from the OR to
your laptop, iPhone or iPad wherever
you are. Ask our low budget solutions.

Live on tape

We record the surgeries live in the OR
and re-edit the raw footage to a snackable
videobite. Highlight the latest techniques,
tools or procedures just in a couple of minutes.
An easy-to-use-video as keynote speaker
in your next presentation or online assistance.

Medical video

Give your public and employees the right
tools. Learn patients how to use a medicine,
help medical staff to refresh a topic or
communicate with your target audience on
social media.  Sharing knowledge and taking
care reflects positively on your image.

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